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The Animals

Animals and pets are loved and encouraged at Sycamore Farm Bloomington! All of our animals are available for events at the farm and are happy to pose for pictures with guests and hosts. Sycamore Farm Bloomington is pet friendly and happy to accommodate all animals should you choose to bring them for your special event!

The Donkeys

The Animals - Donkeys

Alice and Liberty are miniature Mediterranean donkeys that have lived on the farm since early 2014. Alice joined the Sycamore Farm team while expecting Liberty and delivered her on the 4 th of July that year! They both enjoy being a part of the party and are great with other animals – especially dogs!


The Animals - Mia

Mia is a Thoroughbred rescued racing horse that has been in the Korus family since the early 2000s. She is spirited, sweet and loves the attention of guests and her pasture mates Liberty and Alice. Like the donkeys, Mia enjoys being a part of the party and will be happy to pose for photographs.

Sycamore Farm’s Pet Policy

Sycamore Farm Bloomington is a pet friendly facility and we encourage animals of all types to join in on the fun. We do require that all animals are vaccinated and that there is a leash or lead rope available should it be needed.